Charlie and mommy at the beach

Charlie and mommy at the beach


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All of us– parents and children, young and old – have needs, and nobody’s needs are more important or more urgent than anyone else’s. Being aware of our own needs is a necessary condition for us to be able to meet them.  However, simple awareness is not enough.

When we understand the importance of respecting everybody’s needs – other people’s as well as our own – we can create a “dance” of dialogue and understanding whereby everybody can be sure that his or her needs will be fully heard.  Having established this authentic connection with the other person, it will then be possible to find solutions that are mutually satisfying.

The last three booklets in the “Needs and Strategies” series exemplify situations where patterns of dialogue and mutual understanding are established in a “dance of empathy”, to be created and performed together.

In Charlie and Mommy at the Beach, the characters understand their mutual needs for fun and safety.

SERIES:  International – Needs and Strategies
FORMAT: 13×13
PAGES: 32 color pages

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